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Prices and treatments

Acupuncture Preston | Penwortham | Leyland | Chorley
Acupuncture Preston | Penwortham | Leyland | Chorley

An acupuncture treatment consists in inserting a varying number of fine needles in diffrent areas of your body. The points are chosen in relation to your condition and may be on your limbs, back or front or head. Some of this points may be warmed up with the use of moxa sticks or stimulated with an electro acupuncture machine. 


Auricular (ear) acupuncture can also be used as an additional tool during a traditional treatment or on its own. It is particularly effective in the treatment of stress and anxiety and can increase positive outcomes when deciding to give up smoking, drinking, or losing weight.


Occasionally, some acupuncture points will benefit from reinforcing the needle action with Moxa or electroacupuncture.


Moxibustion is the application of heat resulting from the burning of moxa - a cone or stick made up by the died leaves of the mugwort plant. It is done either on the needle or around the needle, and produces a sensation of pleasent warmth in the body. It is widely used in the treatment of chronic conditions such as arhritis or to tonify and warm up particular areas of the body.


Electro-acupuncture refers to the application of pulsating electrical current to selected acupuncture needles. It is particualrly indicated for the treatment of neurological conditions, spasms and paralisis a well as the treatment of sport injuries.



A variety of techniques can also be added to your acupuncture treatment, according to your condition.


Cupping is a TCM technique where glass cups are placed on the skin to create suction. It can be used to help stimulate blood flow to the chosen areas, in order to promote healing, especially when muscles have been injured or where there is an impairment in the flow of qi caused but either physical or emotional trauma. Cupping can also be used effectively in order to remove exterior pathogens from the body: if caught early enough, the common cold can be prevented from developing any further by releasing it with cupping on the upper back.


Gua sha & Tuina are forms of TCM massage used in combination with acupuncture or on their own. They can assist with dispersing stagnation or nourishing particularly week area of our bodies. Gua sha is delivered with a buffalo horn tool where specific areas of the body are quickly scraped - the procedure is not painful, although it may leave some red marking on the skin for a few days. Tuina is a traditional form of massage done by hand following the pathway of meridians - it can be applied directly on to the skin or through a light cloth.



"Heal the soul fist; then healing of the mind and body will follow".

- Zhi Gang Sha -


Acupuncture Preston | Penwortham | Leyland | Chorley

Acupuncture (50 Mins)                          £46

Acupuncture concession                      £40

Cupping only (30 min)                           £32


Auricular acupuncture with                  £32

Detox protocol (30 min)         

Please allow up to 1h and 15 minutes for your first treatment and up to 1h for your follow up treatments.


All treatments include acupuncture and any other TCM techniques deemed pertinent, unless specified.



Traditonal Chinese Acupuncture for Penwortham, Preston, Fulwood, Leyland and surrounding areas.

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